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About The Creator

CJ Smith is a Freelance Software Developer that's been developing his craft since the age of twelve. He started out learning how to build games using the BASIC programming language. He later attended Montana State University to continue expanding his knowledge. Since then has built software in all kinds of fields. From database building and management to websites, mobile apps, cryptography, machine learning, augmented and virtual realities, and more. He is fluent in dozens of programming languages (including: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Python) and have expertese in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux environments. Frameworks that he has experience with include .NET, Angular, Node.js, Express, and many others.

He has also worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Which helped him to develop a thorough testing process that other developers often lack. This has provided for him, a unique perspective when it comes to development which allows him to make certain considerations which can often be overlooked. It also alowed him to become proficient in Workflow Automation as well.

Additionally he has worked as an IT Technician giving him understanding of hardware and networking, as well as software. Allowing him to build full-stack development and administration skills down to the most basic computational levels.

He can always find ways that utilize simplicity to maximize both efficiency and productivity for pretty much any enterprise. If you have any computer needs he would be happy to help, and for a price that fits your budget! Contact via email LinkedIn or Twitter